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We provide a wide range of affordable and expert HR Consultancy services across Wales and England.

Whether you have a HR department or not, there are times when additional help can be invaluable.  Our highly experienced HR Consultants have the expertise to help you and your business, adding real value and helping you manage and grow your business.  We cover everything your business needs, from offering specialist advice to deal with a specific issue, to advising on and implementing HR strategies.

Our HR Consultancy services can also be combined with our wide range of support and training services to provide a truly bespoke service to suit your exact business needs.

What our Clients say about us – “Your advice always managed to blend the legal requirements, the commercial requirements and human dimensions to produce win-win solutions for all” – Six Forward

Our HR Consultancy Services

Having up to date employment contracts and HR policies / processes in place is an important foundation of effective people practices – not only to comply with key aspects of legislation but to ensure managers are fair and consistent, and that employees know what is expected of them. We can review your existing documentation, or develop bespoke employment contracts, HR policy handbooks and supporting documentation to ensure you are fulfilling your legislative duties, and working in line with best practice.
Organisations who engage with their staff and provide opportunities for them to influence activities are inevitably the ones who are more successful – motivating and retaining talent within their organisations, and encouraging everyone to play a key role in organisational development. One way of engaging employees and assessing the culture of an organisation is through the use of employee satisfaction surveys. These surveys can be done through the form of questionnaires, supplemented by focus groups, to help understand and map the levels of engagement within your business, allowing the creation of focused action plans where they will be most effective.
Our HR Audit service provides a structured framework for reviewing your existing HR documentation and practices to establish areas of excellence, assess compliance with key legislative requirements, highlight potential risks and identify ways of improving your structures, processes, outputs and service delivery. We will give you clear recommendations for action, highlighting risks and possible implications, and giving advice on practical ways to move forward.
Effective performance management provides an ongoing process that allows for feedback and accountability for your staff, but more importantly it engages your staff in the achievement of the organisations strategic goals. We can carry out reviews of your existing performance and development processes, or design a suite of complementary and / or bespoke processes, to modernise and re-energise the way in which you manage organisational performance.
Many organisations face difficult decisions when implementing change. Our experienced HR professionals support you in organisational reviews and restructure exercises, to ensure the least impact on your business and those staff affected, both directly and indirectly. We challenge assumptions and help you look at various options to achieve your overall aims. As HR experts, we can also advise and support you on the intricacies of the consultation and redundancy process, ensuring you meet your legal obligations and are supporting your people as fully as you can.
The use of reward to attract, retain, motivate and satisfy employees is a key challenge for many businesses, especially in difficult economic times. We can help you develop reward strategies and frameworks to achieve sustained commercial success. We look at both financial and non-financial reward, explore links to performance and development, and use a range of tools to design transparent, innovative, fair and future-proofed reward frameworks.
To be successful an organisation needs to have a number of aspects in place to ensure it is operating effectively: the right people, the right culture, the right leadership, the right organisational design, the right change management processes and the right people processes. We work with you to help identify and implement strategies that understand, improve and maximise the overall health, effectiveness and profitability of your business through your people.
A successful organisation recognises the need for positive and constructive relationships with and between its employees. However, there are times where internal disputes arise and it is essential these are dealt with effectively and efficiently. We can provide expert on-site assistance with Discipline, Capability and Grievance investigations, and we are also able to act as Chair or Advisor in hearings.
Employee absence can be a significant cost to any businesses. We are able to review your absence data to identify areas of concern and produce effective strategies for ongoing monitoring and management of absence, to ensure your employees are supported effectively, absence levels are reduced, and that your organisation is able to achieve its goals.
Do your policies, and the way you carry out the functions, do what they are intended to do and for everybody? Our Equality Impact Assessment’s (EIA’s) are designed to ensure that a policy, project or scheme does not discriminate against any disadvantaged or vulnerable people.
We act as your Project Manager, providing you with the skills, focus and discipline to ensure your projects are not only completed safely, on time and within budget, but also fully achieve their intended purpose.
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