This1 day course is designed to guide and support managers on how to:

  • The impact of absence on the individual and the organisation;
  • Investigating the reasons for absence;
  • Managing short and long term absence;
  • Foster good attendance, promoting employee health and well-being;
  • Promote shared experience and knowledge of attendance issues through open discussion;
  • Enabling managers to be proactive in addressing attendance issues in a supportive, sensitive and effective way to minimise the impacts on performance;
  • The law on holidays, and other legal entitlement to time off;
  • Clarifying what Managers need to do about holiday pay.

Course Aims

To help managers recognise and understand their role and responsibilities in effectively managing attendance and understanding the benefits to their organisation in being proactive when dealing with attendance related issues.  To guide managers through the statutory requirements and current legislation, stating the importance of record keeping and correct implementation of attendance policy procedure.  Provide managers with the opportunity to discuss current best practice and to further their understanding through case studies and scenarios.

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