Our Partners

WPA are a specialist health insurer with origins tracing back to 1901, and are not motivated by profit, but by fulfilling a purpose to provide Members with access to the best healthcare available in the UK. WPA’s focus is always on delivering innovative services – blending award winning technology and expert care to deliver a truly exceptional service.

WPA look to prioritise clinical best practice over commerciality, so Members are free to choose when, where and who provides them with treatment. Perhaps that is why 62% of consultants surveyed by Populus in a 2019 independent survey would commend WPA – twice as many as any other UK Health Insurance Provider.

Our WPA contact is Mark Tomlinson, Senior Healthcare Partner and WPA’s Healthcare Partner Of The Year 2018 (as a Director of CHG Solutions Ltd, an Appointed Representative of WPA Healthcare Practice Plc, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of WPA, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority). Mark only advises on WPA’s products and services, which includes policies for individuals and families, and health insurance and health cashplans for companies of all sizes.

Contact Mark on mark.tomlinson@hcp-plc.org.uk or 07771886189

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