Create Effective Job Description to help increase Productivity and Reduce

They may only be a small piece in a much larger HR jigsaw but having an effective Job Description (JD) in place is of the key elements of productive working.  By effective we mean that it is not simply a piece of paper that exists to tick a box, it is something that helps the employee [...]

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Is Flexible Working good for Business?

Many people think of flexible working as simply being able to choose your own working hours. However, flexible working can take many forms including flexitime, homeworking, term-time working, structured time off in lieu, compressed hours, part-time working and job-sharing amongst others. The core principle of flexible working is that everyone is subject to demands outside [...]

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June 2016 Newsletter

This month we cover general legislation updates, Influencing Styles and Persuasive Negotiating training, and helpful hints and tips on how to increase employee engagement to improve your business. Click to read more

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Is Outsourcing my HR Requirements a Good Idea?

Many employers consider outsourcing their HR requirements as a way of saving money compared to the cost of employing internal staff. Outsourcing your HR can save money, but there can also be a number of other benefits including. Allows your staff to focus on the more essential tasks e.g. conducting employee inductions. No downtime because of [...]

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Key HR Elements to Reduce Risk

According to a recent survey of 400 solicitors around the country (*), Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) seeking legal advice state the following as the top two HR issues they face: Terminating the employment of under -performing staff (63%); Making redundancies when restructuring (45%). The main reason for SME’s finding these HR issues challenging, [...]

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When does a Contract of Employment Start?

We have been asked on many occasions to provide HR advice around recruitment and contracts of employment. On one such occasion, a company had withdrawn a job offer they had made but was being threatened with a breach of contract by the individual. The situation had arisen where the company was looking to increase its [...]

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April 2016 Newsletter

This month we look at a number of legislation updates, our Managers Guide to Handling Stress training course, and helpful hints and tips covering social media and how it can affect employment. Click to read more

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Increase Employee Engagement to Improve Your Business

Effective Human Resources (HR) practice can make significant improvements to your business.  One aspect where HR can help make such improvements is in the areas of ‘employee engagement’.  No matter what size of business you have, having engaged employees are a key element of your success.  So how do you get engaged employees?  Here are [...]

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Do You Have an ‘If I was in charge …..’ Person in Your Business?

How many times have we heard supporters at football or rugby matches lambasting the coach for what he / she saw as the wrong players being picked or the wrong tactics being used? These people then proceeded to tell other supporters around them what they would do differently, and of course better, if they were [...]

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Don’t Risk Your Business because of Ill-Informed Managers

We appreciate that for many businesses who don’t have their own HR Manager it can be a minefield keeping up to date with all the legislation. Never mind the new stuff, keeping all the basics in place can be hard enough! Whilst compliance is one element, how managers work with their staff is another key [...]

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